Leslie Lewis is all a good jazz singer should be. Her beautiful tone and classy phrasing evoke the sound of the classic jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. Leslie Lewis' vocals are complimented perfectly by her husband, Gerard Hagen”


Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen

"Jazz In Paris"

Their music has continued to evolve and recently, in addition to standards and originals, they have been exploring music from the 1970s, rearranging the songs to fit their style. "The older I get," says Gerard, "the less I am concerned about how our music gets labelled. If the music makes us happy to perform and we can be creative, that is the important thing. There is always a pretty strong rhythmic energy to the music that we play." Leslie adds: "The things that I most love about jazz are the freedom and the improvisations. I feel free to use my creativity to make every song my own."

Press Photos

Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen Trio

Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen Paris Quartet