Leslie Lewis et Gérard Hagen "Bonjour de Paris" 10 Avril 2019

Bonjour de Paris ...
Chers Amis,

We are seeing more and more nice days in Paris of late. Perhaps we can dare to hope for springtime in Paris this year. To go along with the nice weather, our work routine has been pretty mellow this past month. The "yellow vest" protesters have not caused any problems for us. The protests seem pretty crazy on television, but unless you happen to live in the protest area, or had your business torched, you wouldn't know what was going on. We have been working in town and have been enjoying a day or two each week without any scheduled work. That free time has allowed us to see some friends and do some things that we have been putting off for too long. The timing is good because later this month we are going to be on the road for almost three weeks. You may remember that sadly Leslie had to retire "red" her well traveled suitcase. I am happy to say that after an exhaustive search we have found a great replacement. "Yellow".  But not just any "yellow", it's a Lipault "yellow". Which means that in order to justify the price the color is called "mustard". The problem is that I can't get myself to use "mustard" as a nickname for a suitcase! "Yellow" is just in time for the up-coming gig in Grenoble followed by the jazz cruise to Malta, Italy and Greece. When we return we have close to 30 dates booked during May and June in Paris.  Around then the school will go into the final stretch of the spring term so things will be extra busy into June.  

Last year in July and August we traveled around 6,000 kilometers, the summer before that, our work in the U.S. and Europe meant that we traveled around 17,000 kilometers.  This year, with the exception of a couple of dates in July, we will be traveling only for vacations. I wish I could schedule our road work in a more balanced way, but for now we just go when and where the work is. That's fine. We are very happy and grateful to have work, but this year we get to stay busy working in Paris and so we are looking forward to having a more relaxed summer. 

In June we will be meeting some friends from California in Porto City, Portugal  followed in July by one of Leslie's dream trips to Milan and Lake Cuomo in Italy. Later in August we hope to be able to spend some time with our friend Lois at her beach home on the Atlantic coast in La Baule, France. 

Here are some throw back photos from the 1980's.  Leslie is about 21 years old and working at Opryland in Nashville around 1979. The second photo is of Leslie and friends while taping a television show in Hawaii, also for Opryland  (Nice work if you can get it.)   The photos of Gerard are from 1986, he is 26 years old and performing in the Dan Jacobs Quintet.  It would be 19 years before Leslie and Gerard would meet. 
Denise, Leslie, and Nancy in Nashville.  Leslie and Nancy are still very close, she came to our wedding in California. We see her when she tours in Europe.
Leslie, Sam Harris, Nancy Hayes and Scott in Hawaii, "working" on a TV show. Sam appears on Broadway, television and is an author.  Nancy  lives in Chicago acts and sings in plays and tours with her one woman show.
This is the Dan Jacobs Quintet after a rehearsal in Orange County, CA. Dan plays trumpet, Don Hawkins, saxophone, Ernie Nunez bass and Peter Pfiefer drums.  These guys are all still at it.  We recorded a CD called "Play Song" in 2008, long after we had ceased performing as working band.  It was nice to document this group which worked a lot up until the early 1990's. Photo courtesy of Myrna Jacobs.
Gerard during a rehearsal of the Dan Jacobs Quintet.  Photo courtesy of Myrna Jacobs.
The Dan Jacobs Sextet working at the Cafe Lido on the Balboa Peninsula, sometime in the later 1980's.  Mike Zelazo trombone, Dan Jacobs trumpet, Don Hawkins saxophone,  Gerard (between Dan and Don)  piano.  Not seen, Ernie Nunez bass and Peter Pfiefer or maybe Gary Wing drums. Photo courtesy of Myrna Jacobs.
Once again we are waiting to hear from the Prefecture about the status of our residency permit which is the French equivalent to a green card in America.  We have  submitted our dossiers the making of which which was a huge undertaking in both time and also paper. This project was definitely not a green one. I suspect that we are responsible for the use of a lot of our natural resources. We have applied for another four years of time to legally work and live in France and should receive an answer in July.  But the last time it took almost nine months longer than we thought it would to get the permits.  We have learned more and more about the art of patience since we moved here!

For those of you in Paris or if you’re planning to visit this month, here is our remaining April schedule.

April 9 The Leslie Lewis Gerard Hagen Paris Duo performs at Café Laurent in Paris. 
April 10  The Leslie Lewis Gerard Hagen Paris Duo performs at Chez Papa Jazz Club in Paris.  http://www.papajazzclub-paris.fr
April 12-13 Leslie and Gerard perform at Monteverdi in Paris. http://www.lemonteverdi.com
April 18  The Leslie Lewis Gerard Hagen Paris Quartet with Peter Giron and Mourad Benhammou performs at Jazz Club Grenoble in Grenoble FR. https://www.jazzclubdegrenoble.fr 
April 20 Leslie and Gerard perform at Monteverdi in Paris. 
April 21- May 5 Jazz Cruise https://www.tmrfrance.com/voyage/croisiere/15eme-jazz-en-mer/112/plan

Thank you to everyone who has already downloaded "Fragile", our new recording.  It is available as a download on CD Baby at this link.  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/leslielewis5 

 Please check our website for news and updates. While you are there please sign up for our weekly email blast to learn where you can hear us. http://www.surfcovejazz.com

Thanks for staying in touch with us.

Until next time,  Leslie et Gerard 

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