Leslie Lewis et Gérard Hagen "Joyeux Noël de Paris". 24 Décembre 2013


Joyeux Noël de Paris ...


Chers Amis, 

 Leslie and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and send our best wishes for a New Year filled with all of the things that make you happy and fulfilled. We are very grateful and honored that you have remained interested in reading about our adventures and have taken the time to remain in contact with us to tell us about your adventures as well. It is such a pleasure for us to read your responses to these posts. We always look forward to getting updates on your lives.  It is even better when you come to visit and we can spend some time enjoying Paris together. 

 (On a side note, I must apologize for my previous post from Japan. Once I reread it and realized how poorly it was written I was more than a little embarrassed. I promise no more 3:00 AM beer drinking posts while on tour.)

 As many of you know, Paris is really an incredibly beautiful city during this time of year. I did a performance on a boat cruising on the Seine and the Christmas lights reflecting on the water were spectacular. One of our favorite things to do this time of year is to walk around the city and look at the Christmas decorations. This year we have managed to make an improvised Christmas tree in our tiny Paris apartment with some branches, ornaments and lights. With each passing year things become a little more normal. Last year the holidays came and went without too much fanfare for us.  This year we are celebrating Christmas with some friends here in Paris and then we leave to work for a few days at l’Hôtel Royal in La Baule, France followed by a quick return for a New Year’s Eve performance in Paris.































 Our improvised Christmas Tree!

As Leslie and I looked back on this past year, I realized that basically everything I assumed would happen as we built our music careers in Paris has turned out to be almost the exact opposite of what actually has happened. I thought that as we became better known here we would eventually be busy performing, rehearsing, practicing, arranging and teaching. Thank God that has happened, but not in the way I anticipated.  I assumed we would have formed a band and be working with the same guys on a regular basis. As it is, we work with new musicians pretty much on every job.  I thought we’d be working steadily in Paris and we would have a fairly balanced work load between performing and teaching. But we find ourselves doing quite a bit of traveling for work and our teaching schedule is much lighter than our performing schedule. Other than teaching me another of life’s lessons, none of the above really matters. We are very, very grateful to have the opportunities we’ve been given and look forward to learning what new adventures 2014 will bring.














Photo of Paris last winter by Sara Monacelli, our Italian friend and wonderful cook!

This time of year brings universal themes of love of family and friends, hope for peace, wishes of goodwill, and the joy of giving of ourselves, that are the most important part of the way Christmas is celebrated worldwide. This brings us back to where this post started. Leslie and I have much to be thankful for, we are very blessed. A large part of our good fortune is due to the many family and friends who have filled our lives with laughter, joy and love. We hope for all of you the most heartfelt wishes for a blessed Christmas and a New Year that brings health, happiness and much love. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année,

Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo,

Buon Natale e un Felice Anno Nuovo,

 Leslie and Gerard , 


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