Leslie Lewis et Gérard Hagen "Bonne Année de Paris" 4 Janvier 2014

Bonne Année de Paris ...

Chers Amis,
    Best wishes to all of you for a New Year filled with love, laughter, good health and many opportunities to enjoy live music!

    We had a very nice Christmas this year and hope you did as well. It has been a pretty mild winter and there has been no snow in Paris, at least so far!  By this time last year we had had two snow storms.  The snow doesn’t last for more than a few days but it does make for some interesting commutes to and from work.

    Commuting to work is at the heart of this next story. On Sunday, December 29th we traveled by TGV (train) to work two nights at l’Hôtel Royal in La Baule, France. Both nights were great and we were lucky to spend some time with friends we’ve made who live in the area. The hotel put us in an ocean view room and we ate very well each night in the dinning room. We left early on December 31st for a quick return to Paris for a New Year’s Eve performance. Once we arrived at our apartment we had only two hours to get our equipment and clothes together and get a taxi to take us to the hotel Georges V for work that night. The performance was in a beautiful salon. The tables were set with Baccarat stemware, beautiful flowers, linen, etc.  The music wasn’t bad either! The ambassador from Brazil was there so we did some bossa novas and Leslie sang in Portuguese. 



The view from our hotel room in La Baule.  Trés jolie!

The salon in Georges V where we worked on New Year's Eve.

The courtyard view from the salon.  It was pouring rain at the time.

Another courtyard view.

There were a few bands playing in different locations in the hotel including a eleven piece salsa band. They were provided band uniforms from the hotel. They were dressed completely in white. Shoes, socks, slacks, shirt, bow tie, vest and a tuxedo jacket complete with tails! I can’t remember ever playing at a hotel in L.A. that had wardrobe for the bands that play there, but apparently this is normal for Paris. Fortunately I could wear my own black suit and Leslie her own gown.  At the end of the night when it was time to go home there were no taxis available.  By the time we realized that we weren’t going to get a taxi the metro was closing and the buses were sporadic. We had to leave our equipment with hotel security and walk home from the hotel.  We got home around 2:00 am and Leslie was in misery because she didn’t have proper shoes for that long of a walk. The next day we returned to the hotel to get the equipment.  We were really looking forward to having Thursday off to recuperate, but we ended with a last minute booking at Chez Papa and so 2014 has started off with a bang.

    Tonight Leslie talked me into going ice skating! Despite growing up in North Dakota and having older siblings that skated, I have never really skated before. I preferred the indoor warmth to North Dakota winter temperatures. As for tonight, I am happy to say there were no broken bones or trips to the ER. I am just now starting to get some feeling back in my ankles. The experience has given me a new found respect for hockey players who must have pretty amazing cardiovascular systems.

    This year is looking pretty good in terms of concerts and club work.  We have dates booked into October of 2014.  If a few things fall into place we may do a little U.S. tour in the fall.

    We hope all is well for you and you are excited for 2014 and everything it may bring. Please let us know if you have plans to visit Paris. We always enjoy a good hang with our friends.

Here’s to a wonderful New Year,

Leslie and Gerard  

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