"Leslie Lewis et Gérard Hagen" 28 Mars 2018 Bonjour de Paris

Bonjour de Paris ...

Chers Amis,

This is going to be a shorter than normal post. We are going a mile a minute here. Last spring I was offered an opportunity to teach a jazz history class at the Paris College of Music. Last trimester I was asked to add an additional jazz repertoire class and direct two small ensembles. This past week I taught eighteen hours at the school. The combination of teaching and doing our gigs including four gigs on the road has made this a very busy month. For her part, Leslie has been on the road every week this month.

We have been preparing new repertoire for our concerts in California. The "Laguna Beach Live" concert on April 25th will be at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach. It is a concert to raise funds for children's music programs that are free of charge for the participants. There will be food and drinks available at the venue. We are really excited to have Peter Giron, our Paris bassist join us along with L.A. drummer and my long time musical partner Jerry Kalaf to present this music to you. I can also confirm that Luis Mascaro, the wonderful violinist who performed with us in Laguna Beach last August, will be there as well. Tickets are available at https://www.lagunabeachlive.org/special-fundraiser-for-live-music-kids
We really hope to see you there for this special event.

We recently worked at the Imperial Palace in Annecy, near the Swiss boarder. There was a nice Yamaha grand piano and Bose sound system. There is a very long story that goes along with this trip including me driving around 90 kilometers in California type traffic using a manual car for the first time in maybe thirty years. Oh and the GPS failed within the first ten minutes of the trip and I never did figure out how to put the car into reverse! There is also a dog named "Nate King Cole", and a lovely couple that have a seventy seat jazz club on their property! On the plus side we have be offered nine more dates in Annecy spread over two trips this July and one in August. Also on the plus side, I am confident that my driving duties are over for this gig!

Leslie & Geard in Annecy, France.

Speaking of July and August, our summer is going to be spent largely away from Paris (Lisbon, Bordeaux, Annecy, Toulon, La Baule). Some of it working and some of it relaxing. Plus we are excited at the possibility of spending a few days in August visiting with friends near Turin, Italy.

For those of you who are in, or visiting Paris here is the schedule:
March 30-31 Le Monteverdi Leslie & Gerard duo.

April 4-5 Chez Papa Jazz Club Leslie & Gerard duo.
April 6-7 Le Monteverdi Leslie & Gerard duo.
April 12 Chez Papa Jazz Club Leslie & Gerard duo.
April 13-14 Chez Papa Jazz Club Leslie & Gerard with Bruno Rousselet.


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Thanks for staying in touch with us.

Until next time, Leslie et Gerard

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