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"Of Two Minds" is an important step for Leslie Lewis as an artist. This recording is her point of view as it were, she chose the music, and discussed with Gerard Hagen (the producer), the direction she wanted the music to take, and the arrangements were written accordingly. This process created music which was truly "Of Two Minds." Leslie has always looked for ways to stretch her abilities and singing the music of Thelonius Monk proved to be one of those opportunities. The way she embraced his music apparent on the recording and even more so in her live performances of these tunes. Leslie rarely performs a tune in the same way twice, tempos, meters, rhythmic feels, all change according to the moment. The music is constantly evolving from one performance to the next. Consequently, to record her performance of a song doesn't really give a listener the full measure of the musical potential she hears in each song. It is simply how she feels the music at that moment. The working relationship Leslie has developed with the Gerard Hagen Trio, born of many hours on the bandstand, was easily extended to include some of Los Angeles' finest jazz musicians. A horn section of Gary Foster alto sax/alto flute, Rob Lockart tenor sax, Ron Stout trumpet, provided a sonic palette from which many moments of beauty, excitement, and pure joy are to be found throughout this recording. Larry Koonse added his talents playing nylon string guitar to Nature Boy rounding out a well thought out program of tunes. Nine selections which represent a fraction of Leslie's musical abilities and bring a promise of much more to come from this amazing artist