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In November of 2011 Leslie and Gerard were in New York City to perform and give a masterclass at the Lehman College Jazz Festival. An opportunity to record arose and they decided to make a duo recording of voice and piano. Leslie wanted to sing some of the songs that as a young girl had attracted her to jazz.  She also had some favorite songs that were recorded by Nancy Wilson and Cleo Laine, two singers she loved to listen to at a young age. They spent two afternoons in the studio and came away with nine tracks.  The sessions were pretty relaxed since they both had spent quite of bit of time together on the bandstand and had a pretty good idea of what to expect musically from one another. The music reflects a comfort level that allows for songs to unfold on their own time and never feel hurried or uneasy.


Once they returned home to California there were other recording projects to be released, other performances to do and also a move from California to Paris that required much time and energy so it has taken a while for this recording to get it’s day in the sun.  Leslie and Gerard are very happy to have had the opportunity to document their musical partnership. Their duo forms the musical core which can be expanded by adding bassists, drummers as well as horn players.