Leslie Lewis et Gérard Hagen "Notes de Jazz de Paris". 3 Septembre 2013


 Le Jazz Cette Semaine ...


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The release our latest recording “Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen in New York” (Surf Cove Jazz 104) has been going very well. It is available on iTunes and CD Baby in case you are wondering. We are very happy with the sales on our live performance dates as well as the response we’ve had from listeners as well as jazz critics. I have included some of the reviews on our website our Facebook Band page.


We came back to Paris from California exhausted. We did a little teaching but honestly I can’t recall exactly what we did except go for some walks along the Seine. Our trip to Bulgaria was great fun. Even flying WIZZ AIR wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Although Leslie and I were a bit surprised when upon landing in Sofia a number of fellow travelers began applauding! I was wondering what they thought was going to happen. The same thing happened when we returned to Paris. I guess it’s a cultural thing.  The Black Sea was very, very nice. We stayed in Sozopol. A small port town surrounded on three sides by water.  It has a history dating back to the Roman Empire. We of course spent most of our time, well all of our time, at the beach!  So much for exploring the historical significance of one of the most important historical trading centers on the Black Sea.  We did explore the restaurants and found them to be top notch.  We also found a jazz club and a salsa dance club called Lipstick!  (See pictures below.) And of course we had to help ourselves to “Afro Coffee” on the road.  We also found “Bankomat” to very handy with the favorable exchange rate between the euro and the lev.


The Black Sea

The Black Sea, Sozopol Bulgaria


Bulgarian Dancers

Dancers put on a show at a restaurant.


Jazz Club Sozopol 

Leslie & Mariya w/ patron at "Mishel Jazz Club" Sozopol Bulgaria.


Afro Coffee

Dig the "70's" style for the "Afro Coffee" drinkers.



When you need a bank ... Bankomat!


We worked at Chez Papa in Paris last night.  It was our first performance since we played at Kobe Steakhouse in August. It was great to play again.  Leslie and I were really happy to be working. We are booked there this week Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We have a possible Sunday night booking as well.  We resumed teaching today and have a handful of students starting their fall studies this week.


So here we go again... no telling what this year may bring!


For those of you who live in Paris we are at Chez Papa Jazz Club

Jeudi, 5 Septembre 21h et Vendredi, Samedi 6-7 Septembre 21h30.



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