Leslie Lewis et Gérard Hagen "Notes de Jazz de Paris". 10 Juin 2013


 Le Jazz Cette Semaine ...


Chers Amis, 


Things are becoming crazy busy right now.  I look at our schedule and it never looks that busy in terms of scheduled rehearsals, lessons and gigs.  But the day starts and promo material needs to be emailed, material for gigs has to be prepared, a student comes over for a lesson here and there and somehow the day is gone and I am always amazed at how much is still on the “to do” list. I seem to be “time management” challenged!  If anyone has any suggestions on time management I’m at<


I am very happy to tell you that I received my Carte Vitale which is the last (I hope) government number that is required to legally work in France. Of course Leslie has not yet received hers because they got confused about her last name which legally is Leslie Hagen as opposed to Leslie Lewis.  The thing is all of her legal documents including checks that she receives for work use her legal name.  We aren’t even sure how they learned of the last name Lewis since all of the documents we submitted use her legal name.  The result is that she needs to resubmit all of the required paperwork and she may get her carte in three months!  Which will be a year to the month since we started the application process.


I was hired to write arrangements for a singer here in Paris who is going on an extended tour of Asia.  Also, Leslie has some new tunes in mind for our trip to California/New Mexico so I’ve got some charts to do for her as well. She also needs some new charts for some gigs she has booked in July. We are currently working on the artwork and layout for the new duo CD and we are really excited about the release of that project. 


 Leslie picked up a very interesting job for June 22nd.  She will be flying to Corsica to sing one song at a wedding.  I have to admit that I didn’t know anything about Corsica beyond that it exists.  Once we checked it out we realized that it would be a great place to visit. As it happens we are working June 21st so she will fly there the morning of the gig, do the gig that afternoon and fly back to Paris.  So sadly, no time for sightseeing.  On the plus side, through this job we met the program director for a jazz festival that happens yearly on Corsica so we hope to be performing there next year.


Our friends John and Maureen Vastardis were in town for a short visit.  We were able to enjoy a couple of dinners together and a night at Autour de Midi, a jazz club in Montmartre.  There are a number of friends who will be in Paris this summer so we are very excited to see you and hang while you are here. Please be sure to get in touch if you are interested in getting together while you are here.


The weather here has finally warmed up to match the month of June.  Here is a park in the 15th.


For those of you who live in Paris or will be visiting this month, on Friday, June 21st, Leslie and I are working with bassist Patrice Soler at Chez Papa Jazz Club in Saint Germain des Près.

Chez Papa is a great place to hear music and enjoy a meal. The music starts at 9:30 pm and ends at 1:30 am. There is a 10 € music charge which is waved for those who dine there. On Friday, June 28th Leslie is singing with guitarist Siegfried Mandancé’s band at Le Defender Bar in the Hôtel du Louvre.   Le Defender Bar is a very elegant room and is a lovely place to listen to music.  The music is from 9:00 - Midnight, entrée libre, consommation obligatoire.


Leslie at Chez Papa with Priscilla and Christine our friends (we just met that night) from L.A. We are looking forward to seeing them at H.O.M.E. in Beverly Hills on August, 10th.



August will be here very soon and we are really excited to see everyone and get to work again with Jerry, Domenic, Joey, Chuck and Ron. The Kobe Steak House job on August 11th is already a full house.  We really hope that anyone who wanted to come has made reservations because they are unable to accommodate more people. One possible solution would be to come and hear us at H.O.M.E. (House of Music and Entertainment)  in Beverly Hillson Saturday, August 10 from 7:30 -10:00 pm.  Fellow musicians who have worked there are raving about it and we are told that this is a wonderful restaurant and they do a great job of featuring the music.  Nice stage, grand piano, a very good sound system with a sound man.  Also there is $5 parking directly across the street.  Please contact them for a reservation if you plan to be there.  It will be the same band as Kobe and an equally nice setting to hear music.


On August 4th, Leslie is at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in a joint appearance of J.T. and California Dreamin’  with the Pacific Symphony.,5,6,6&productionID=9951&PerfID=9956     



For those of you who are in New Mexico or know someone there who would like to hear live jazz, Leslie and I will be working three concerts with drummer Cal Haines and bassist Jon Gagan. On Wednesday, August 7th we are playing a home concert in Santa Fe. I can get you more info if you would like.  We are at the Arthur Bell Auditorium in the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos on August 8th and in Albuquerque at the Outpost Performance Center. Tickets are at   





Up Coming JULY Concert Dates ...


On July 10-11-12-13 Leslie is working in Paris with Jeff Hoffman’s band at  Jazz Club Etoile in the Meridien Hotel.


On July 19-20-21st we are working as a duo in a resort in La Baule on the Atlantic coast.     


 On July 26-27 Leslie and I are working in Paris with bassist Nicola Sabato (7/26) and bassist Bruno Rousselet (7/27) at Chez Papa in Saint Germain des Près.


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